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Pro-Life Sermon

It's Called Life A Pro-life Sermon

All across our country the value of life, the sanctity of life, the respect for life at every stage is being undermined and eroded at an alarming rate.


Sanctity of Human Life LH

LIGHT House Sanctity of Life Bulletin Insert


Sanctity of Human Life MBCH Bulletin

Sanctity of Human Life - Bulletin Insert

Missouri Baptist Children's Home is committed to the sanctity of human life. You too can support life by inserting our flyer into your church's Sunday bulletin or passing the insert along to friends and family.


Sermon Outline

Sanctity of Human Life - Sermon Outline

Missouri Baptist Children's Home is committed to the sanctity of human life. The attached sermon notes can assist pastors in preparing a sermon on the sanctity of human life.


Pastor Resources

Sanctity of Human Life Pastoral Resources

Sanctity is defined as the condition of being considered sacred or holy, and therefore entitled to respect and reverence. God is the creator of all things. This includes mankind. We are uniquely created in God's own image, we have been set apart for His glory. Human life is sacred.


Sanctity of Human Life Quotes

Sanctity of Human Life Quotations

"Many children are unplanned by their parents, but they are not unplanned by God. God's purpose took into account human error, and even sin." This and other quotes about the sanctity of life are available in this file.


Sanctity of Human Life Sermon

Sermon: The Sanctity of Life and the Culture of Death

On January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court handed down the decision we know as Roe v. Wade that effectively legalized abortion on demand throughout the United States of America. When the decision was handed down it was recognized that this was an historic occasion. The Supreme Court had now declared a right that had never been recognized within the Constitution. But even the justices who voted the majority in that decision seemed to have had little understanding of what they had unleashed.


What the Bible says about Life

What the Bible Says About the Beginning of Life

The Bible is far from silent on the topic of the sanctity of human life, especially in the womb. This resource provides just a few of the Scripture verses that speak to the value of preborn life created in God's image.


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