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Be the Light thumb

Be The Light Quote


One Day Meme Thumb

One Day Meme

One Day. One Voice. One Purpose.


OS Bulletin 2020 Thumb

Orphan Sunday 2020 Bulletin


Poster 1 OS

Orphan Sunday Color Poster 1


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Orphan Sunday Color Poster 2


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Orphan Sunday Color Poster 3


Photo Meme

Orphan Sunday Photo Meme

"Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." - Matthew 5:16



Orphan Sunday Postcard

A colorful and informative event postcard, use this to spread the news about Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday.


OS Quote 1

Orphan Sunday Quote 1

"Churches around the world are coming together more than ever for this important day."


Quote 2 OS

Orphan Sunday Quote 2

"Through this day, the church serves as a model for service in reaching children in need."


Quote 3 OS

Orphan Sunday Quote 3

"Orphan Sunday enabled our church to lay out a vision for reflecting." James 1:27


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Social Banner 1


Orphan Sunday Social Banner 2

Social Banner 2


Stand Sunday Poster 1

Stand Sunday Color Poster 1


Stand Sunday Poster 2

Stand Sunday Color Poster 2


Stand Sunday Poster 3

Stand Sunday Color Poster 3