Festivals and Event Materials Downloads

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Building Connections for a Stronger Community


Craft Identification Card Thumb

Festival Craft Identification Card

Are you participating in our craft auction? If so, download our "Craft Identification Card" and attach it to your craft.


Quilt Form Thumb

Festival Quilt Form

Are you entering a quilt into one of our quilt auctions? If so, download our festival Quilt Form and attach it to your quilt.


Craft and Quilt Tips

Quilt and Craft Tip Sheet

Need some tips about what should be included in a quilt or craft? Download this tip sheet for the latest tips!


SF Flyer thumb 2022

Strawberry Festival 2022 Flyer


2022 SF Color Bulletin Thumb

Strawberry Festival Color Bulletin


SF Poster thumb 2022

Strawberry Festival Poster 2022


SF PowerPoint Thumb 1600x1200

Strawberry Festival PowerPoint Slide 1600x1200


SF PowerPoint Thumb 1920x1080

Strawberry Festival PowerPoint Slide 1920x1080


The Send Event Booklet 2022


What the Judges will Look for

What the quilt judges will look for

What our quilt judges look for when judging your quilt.