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Pregnancy Services

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Support for Unplanned Pregnancy

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

If you or someone you know has just learned of an unplanned pregnancy, there may be feelings of fear, confusion and concern about the future. Having a baby can be stressful, even in the best of circumstances. ... [more]

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The LIGHT House Maternity Home

The LIGHT House

For young pregnant ladies aged 12 - 21 who need a safe place to stay while pregnant, we offer full residential services. All residential services are provided free of charge. ... [more]

A Previous LIGHT House Residential Client Shares Her Testimony

The LIGHT House

Latoya, a previous LIGHT House residential client has come and spoken to our participants in the Outreach Program. She shares her testimony of being a young single mom, staying at The LIGHT House, and the challenges she faced. ... [more]

A Southeast Region Mother is Now Sober

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

In our Southeast region we are working with a young mother who has battled drug addiction since her early teens and has just accomplished her tenth month of being sober! She grew up in foster care due to her mother's substance abuse. ... [more]

A Struggling Mother of Four Gets a Job

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Joanie, a young mother of four has struggled financially her entire life. Growing up she was in and out of foster care. The father of her children was recently incarcerated leaving her even more financially strapped without his income. ... [more]

Clients Receive Intensive Prenatal Care and Create a Delivery Plan

The LIGHT House

We often take for granted that a woman needs medical attention during her pregnancy, but for some of the women that we serve this is new information. Alice came into our care late in her pregnancy without ever having seen a doctor. ... [more]

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God Will Not Forsake You

The LIGHT House

Tatyana came to The LIGHT House Maternity Home through the assistance of a local police officer. She had been staying at a temporary homeless shelter but was 21 weeks pregnant with a high-risk pregnancy.... ... [more]

Hope can be as simple as asking a question

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Janie got pregnant in high school and dropped out. She had her baby, but had no way to support her child. Not being able to see any other choices, she was considering giving up custody of her child. ... [more]

I can't end my pregnancy, I love my son

The LIGHT House

When Sandra came to The LIGHT House, staff was empathetic to her situation and showed her unconditional love even though she talked about her plan to terminate her pregnancy if it was determined the baby had the genetic disease. ... [more]

Our Donors Helped a Single Mother of Three

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Sandra is a single mother of three children, the youngest only 5 months of age. She reached out to for help just one month prior to giving birth. Upon meeting her, she was homeless- living out of her vehicle and bathing wherever she could. ... [more]


Renewed Hope

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

We had a 17 year old client that came to us with a 5 month old daughter, she had a conflicted relationship with her mother and had been put out of her home. She wanted to learn parenting skills in order to be a good parent to her child ... [more]

LH Community Presentation

The LIGHT House Community Presentations

The LIGHT House

Our trained staff offer free community presentations for groups and families.  ... [more]


The LIGHT House Outreach Program

The LIGHT House

The Outreach Program is offered to aid young mothers who do not need residential services but can benefit from practical, physical, and spiritual needs to support them in their decision to choose life for their babies. ... [more]

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Walking By Faith

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Amanda is a single mother of three children, ages ten, eight, and eight months. Following the birth of her third child she knew she needed a job to sustain the livelihood of her family.... ... [more]