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Human Trafficking Rescue

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MBCH Provides Support for Those Trapped in Human Trafficking

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Human Trafficking profits from enslaving people for sexual servitude and forced labor world-wide. ... [more]

Back in School and on the Honor Roll

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

When Lori came to us she had a drug addiction, had not been in school consistently over the last several years and was extremely aggressive in her behavior. After being at MBCH, Lori is drug free, and on the honor roll at school. ... [more]

Four Victims of Human Trafficking Are Now Drug Free for Three Months

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

One of the challenges that we face in Freedom 43:19, our Human Trafficking Rescue Program is drug addiction. One of the most common ways the victims of human trafficking are controlled is by getting them hooked on drugs. ... [more]

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MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Recently we had an 11-year-old girl come to our Freedom 43:19 Human Trafficking Rescue program. She had gone through several bouts of homelessness. Since coming to Freedom, our staff have been working diligently to help her recapture her childhood ... [more]

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Making a Lasting Difference in the Lives of Human Trafficking Survivors

Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Sometimes we wonder if we are making a difference at all in the lives of the adults of our human trafficking rescue program. Then we talk to some of our clients who have graduated from our program, and we see the importance of this ministry. ... [more]