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You Can Help Provide for the Needs of our Families

MBCH Foundation

Countless churches, mission groups and organizations have collected needed items to benefit the children and families served by MBCH Children and Family Ministries. Individuals also routinely donate items directly to the Children’s Home. ... [more]

2020 Strawberry Festival

MBCH Foundation

Because of health and safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus, we have rescheduled the Strawberry Festival for August 22, 2020. ... [more]

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Birthday Offering

MBCH Foundation

Since 1890 when William S. Crouch of First Baptist Church Carrollton donated a penny for each year of his life in celebration of his birthday, the Birthday Offering has been a part of MBCH. ... [more]

MBCH Foundation Can Help With Your Estate Planning

MBCH Foundation

Effective estate planning can be significantly benefit you and your heirs. Believe it or not, estate planning that includes a gift for the Lord's work can often lead to a greater financial and spiritual beneift to you and your heirs! ... [more]

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Mile of Pennies

MBCH Foundation

Cave Springs Baptist Church in discovered that sixteen pennies, placed side-by-side, equal one foot. Since there are 5,280 feet in one mile, it takes 84,480 pennies to stretch one mile. $844.80 can be used to care for hurting children. ... [more]

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Other Charitable Gifts

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Cash gifts are one of the most popular ways of helping children in our care. Cash can be given easily and a receipt verifying your gift will be issued for tax purposes. ... [more]

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Paving a Pathway for Children

MBCH Foundation

MBCH has a beautiful Donor Plaza. This plaza has become the focus of prayer, meditation, reflection and camp activity. ... [more]

Estate Planning Article

Planning Giving Opportunities

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You can include Missouri Baptist Children's Home in the final distribution of your estate to help the hurting and abused children in our care. In this way, your life continues to have a positive influence long after you're in Heaven!  ... [more]

supporting the ministries of mbch article

Supporting the Ministries of Missouri Baptist Children's Home

MBCH Foundation

The children, youth and families cared for by Missouri Baptist Children's Home depend upon the generosity of people and organizations that understand the tremendous need and have the financial resources to provide for their care. ... [more]

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Tax Credits

MBCH Foundation

Donors have always loved the idea of matching grants. These occur when a foundation pledges to match gifts a donor makes to our agency. Missouri's Tax Credit Program has the effect of matching gifts donors make to the Children's Home. ... [more]

Christian Stewardship Seminars Article

Christian Stewardship Seminars

MBCH Foundation

MBCH Foundation staff conduct Christian Stewardship Seminars for churches, community and/or civic groups. The seminar is presented at not cost or obligation to the organization or individuals who attend. ... [more]