Woman's Ministry

Blessed Retreat

October 9-11, 2020

Important Note: In the event that a determination, after careful review of health issues/concerns in the fall, that it is the best interest of all attendees registered that the retreat be cancelled, a full refund of all registration fees will be given by the same means that payment was received.

The Blessed Retreat is specifically designed for the developmentally delayed community of adults and is a great opportunity for men and women 18 and over to experience a great retreat designed specifically for them. It is our privilege and pleasure to offer a one of a kind retreat such as this for this community of men and women.

Event Registration

Registration is $40 per person and includes a Friday evening meal, all meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. This retreat is designed with fun activities, breakout classes, crafts, praise and worship segments for everyone. For this reason each blessed man and woman will need to be accompanied by a sponsor. The sponsor can be their legal guardian, staff, or parent.

This event is designed for "blessed" men and women who

  1. Can actively participate with minimal assistance from their sponsor
  2. Are comfortable in crowds and not bothered by loud noises
  3. Are willing to participate in the activities of the retreat
  4. Are capable of self-care or personal needs with minimal help and supervision from their sponsor

If a "blessed" man or woman has medical needs requiring skilled nursing care during the event, they must have their own skilled nurse accompany them throughout the event.

Sponsors Responsibility

  1. Accompany their "blessed" man or woman at all times throughout the retreat
  2. The Sponsor will administer medications needed through-out the day, including emergency medications potentially required.

Hotel Accommodations

The Camden Hotel and Convention Center in Branson will be providing our rooms and event space all under one roof.  To reserve your rooms contact The Camden Hotel and Convention Center at 417-334-8404 directly.

To ensure the low negotiated hotel rate of $65 per night, plus tax, you must reserve your room no later than September 24th 2020 IF rooms are still available.

Additional Information

For additional information and questions please contact Wanda Shellenbarger, Women's Ministry Specialist and Church Engagement Catalyst at 417-529-0724 or at Wanda.Shellenbarger@mbch.org