MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Walking By Faith

Amanda is a single mother of three children, ages ten, eight, and eight months. Following the birth of her third child she knew she needed a job to sustain the livelihood of her family. She was continually discouraged by not being able to find child care and a job that would coordinate well.  It seemed the daycares she would check either could not take the age range of her children or there were not three openings. Some were not appropriate for the children. She persevered and kept seeking jobs and looking for childcare. Our Pregnancy Services Specialist continually reassured her that everything would come together in God’s perfect timing. She does not have any source of transportation. Through the program we were able to provide a stroller for her to transport the baby while she walked to the grocery store, jobs, and doctor appointments. Each day she uses it to walk with her children to the bus stop. We were also able to purchase a bus pass to help with some of the walking during the more extreme weather conditions. 

In November everything started to come together. She was able to find an overnight job and someone to come to her home to just be present while the children are sleeping.  Because of the overnight schedule, she has to walk to work. She walks two miles each way to work to be there for her 11:00 pm shift. In all weather conditions she cheerfully makes the journey to and from her job, incredibly thankful for the opportunities that it provides her family.

She is saving money and hopes to purchase a car in the next year. Our program has been able to provide her support, encouragement, faith that God would prevail, and keep her focused on her goals to improve her life and lives of her children.

Continue to pray for Amanda and others like her who are working hard to provide for their families. Pray for our Pregnancy Services Specialists as God sends them to meet people right where they are and to walk alongside them.