MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Love Finds a Way

Luke entered our Transitional Living Scattered Sites program in September of 2018 after re-entering care into state custody from another agency.  Luke had become homeless and had been dealing drugs prior to entering our program.  During his time with MBCH CFM, Luke maintained employment, acquired several certifications for employment through the Aspire Program with Missouri Career Center, saved money in a bank account, and reconnected with family.  Luke then successfully discharged from our program to live with his grandmother in Nebraska and helped her recover from surgery.  While in Nebraska, Luke became employed with a Kawasaki production plant and notes that he is continually doing well and enjoys spending time with his grandmother.  Having the opportunity to work with this young man was a privilege.  We give thanks to God that he is no longer homeless, no longer involved with drugs, is employed, has financial stability, and has reconnected with family.