The LIGHT House

I can't end my pregnancy, I love my son

When Sandra came to The LIGHT House, staff was empathetic to her medical situation and showered her with unconditional love even though she often talked about her plan to terminate her pregnancy if it was determined the baby had the genetic disease. However, further testing was needed to assess how at risk Sandra’s baby was to the genetic anomaly. The first test revealed that she was having a boy. Sandra had so hoped she was having a girl so that the genetic anomaly would not be as much of a concern. She really struggled to remain optimistic over the next few days leading up to the next test. The maternity home staff was there to listen and provide support, encouragement and prayer. The second test was the one that would show if her son had the genetic anomaly.

Before the test, an ultra- sound was performed and Sandra talked with a genetic counselor. The LIGHT House staff and Sandra’s mother were there and encouraged her with some information on successful enzyme replacement treatments that are now available. Sandra then proceeded on to the testing. After a period of time, Sandra returned to the waiting room and informed The LIGHT House staff that the procedure had not been completed. When staff asked about what had happened and when she would be able to complete testing, Sandra began to cry and said, “It doesn’t matter. I can’t end my pregnancy, I love my son and can’t go through with [the termination of my pregnancy].” She then showed the staff her ultrasound picture and pointed out the baby’s face, hands and feet stating, “I love him, this is my son.” She returned to the maternity home where she will continue to receive love and support throughout the pregnancy.

The ‘LIGHT” in The LIGHT House stands for Life Is Given Hope for Tomorrow. This is a beautiful picture of what our ministry has been established to do. Through the ability to love, care for, provide for her needs and teach; Sandra was able to come to the realization of the value and beauty of life in her womb.