MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Our Donors Helped a Single Mother of Three

Sandra is a 24 year old single mother of three children, the youngest only 5 months of age. She reached out to for help just one month prior to giving birth. Upon meeting her, she was homeless- living out of her vehicle and bathing wherever she could.

With help, Sandra set goals for success, including to deliver a healthy baby, obtain suitable housing and gain fulltime employment. She delivered a healthy baby but continued to struggle with finding permanent housing. If this wasn’t enough, she additionally experienced the death of a very close family member who had assisted her with childcare while she worked temporary assignments to attempt making and saving money. During that time, she continued to meet with her Pregnancy Services Specialist, and was open to receiving prayer, communicated her needs and voiced thankfulness for help she was given.

Sandra recently obtained public housing and is currently on a one year lease agreement. With the help of our donors, we were able to assist her with transportation assistance, utility assistance, diapers, a pack-n-play, car seat and other resources along her journey. She is presently enrolled in a job training program which is assisting her in obtaining gainful employment. She is well on her way to creating a healthy life for her children.