MBCH Children and Family Ministries

A Struggling Mother of Four Gets a Job

Joanie, a young mother of four has struggled financially her entire life. Growing up she was in and out of foster care. The father of her children was recently incarcerated leaving her even more financially strapped without his income. I had recommended to Joanie that she apply for a particular job so she called me very excited when she was contacted for an interview. The job opportunity came with a substantial salary and benefits that could put her life on a very different path. She called after the interview and was discouraged because she was nervous and felt she had made a bad impression. I reminded her that most people get nervous at job interviews and we discussed all of her great qualities, and how God was with her no matter the outcome in order to give her a confidence boost.

When she called to say she had been offered the job I may have been as excited as she was! I told her that this is a life changing opportunity, and she needs to grab and run with it. We have worked on making sure she has back up babysitters so she doesn't have to call in and emphasized the importance of being a reliable employee that shows up on time and as scheduled. We have created a financial plan of priorities when she gets her first few checks including savings for emergency situations.

I have to admit it touched me that she called me throughout. She knows I am so proud of her and most importantly she is proud of herself. She is an amazing woman!