MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Back in School and on the Honor Roll

Lori (name has been changed) is a 14 year-old resident of our Freedom 43:19 human trafficking rescue program. When Lori came to us she had a drug addiction, had not been in school consistently over the last several years and was extremely aggressive in her behavior. After being at MBCH for several months, Lori is drug free, on the honor roll at school and has not displayed any acts of aggression. She has made significant progress and states that she is happy to be at MBCH.

Lori actively participates in weekly therapy sessions and has often mentioned God in a positive way although she has not yet accepted Him as Lord and Savior. Our staff prays for her on a regular basis that she will soon make the decision to ask God into her life. When she first arrived, Lori was expected to run away and refuse services, but God had a different plan for her.

We are so thankful that caring people like you help us provide this ministry to young ladies like Lori. Please pray for Lori and our staff as they show her the love of Jesus Christ.