Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Making a Lasting Difference in the Lives of Human Trafficking Survivors

Our mission is “to make a lasting difference in their lives.” Sometimes we wonder if we are making a difference at all in the lives of the adults of our human trafficking rescue program. Then we talk to some of our clients who have graduated from our program, and we see the importance of this ministry. Out of 15 clients that we remain in contact with:

7 women are living on their own in the community and maintaining jobs. “Amy” is not only living on her own, but she was reunited with her children and is now engaged to be married!

3 are living with family and maintaining jobs and doing well.

Our last noteworthy update is “Robin” who sadly died of an overdose. When we spoke with her family, they noted that she reunited with them and renewed her faith in Jesus Christ due to our program. This lasting impact she carried with her: she was witnessing to other women when she spent a short time in jail before she passed away.