MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Foster Parents are Quiet Heros

Foster parents are quiet heroes. They agree to take on heartbreakingly difficult situations. Such was the case with Linda. She heard, "We have a sibling group of three, all under the age of 3. One of them has some medical issues that will need to be monitored. Can you take them?" Linda had been fostering children for a couple of years and currently had no placements in her home. She said yes to all three children, and yes to helping with medical issues that she had no details, and yes to loving as Christ loved us.

Even though they were very young, all three had experienced a great deal of trauma. Linda stayed committed to these children and their journey. After many starts and stops and ups and downs, the decision was made that adoption was in the best interest of the children. And Linda said yes, one more time. Yes to adoption.