MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Prayer Helped Olivia Find Her Way and Changed Her Heart

"Olivia" moved into one of our Treatment Foster Care (TFC) homes not believing in God. She struggled to get along with her peers, her TFC family, and pretty much everyone else in her life. The family had a very difficult time with Olivia and was struggling with how to meet her needs and whether she needed a different family. MBCH staff met with the family to offer suggestions and to pray with them to find the best way forward for Olivia. All continued to pray individually for Olivia's heart. Today, she is settled into her home, going to church, volunteering at church, and believes in God. Olivia's heart has changed and you can see it in her smile, the way she talks, and how she gets along with others. Sharing the gospel and the love of God with her and prayer has changed this child's life.