MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Love Perseveres

When I first met Anna, I transported her from a psychiatric hospital to a residential facility. During our trip, she opened up about how her mom’s boyfriend did bad things to her and her mom didn’t believe her. Anna’s feelings of hurt centers around her mom, who was supposed to make her a priority and keep her safe, choosing other people over her. Anna has really struggled with acceptance and boundaries. Anna’s current foster family was aware of Anna’s trauma  and made her feel wanted, accepted and special, as God intended. They make it a priority to help her through difficult days. Because of her trauma, they wanted to make it very clear to her that they chose her and asked her to become part of their family. They gave her not only the feeling of being wanted, but also control to be a part of the decision. Anna’s adoption day will be this summer! We are so excited for Anna and her family! We are thankful that God calls families to foster children in need of healing!