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Sophia is Available for Adoption

Sophia is Available for Adoption

Name: Sophia
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sibling Group: No

Sophia is a cheerful, curious sometimes shy 15yo girl who can’t wait to find her forever family!  She desires a home where she feels safe, where she can be loved and  experience traditions and celebrate milestones. When asked about the perfect home for her she decribed a peaceful home with a mom and a dad where they share meals together, a dog, and Hallmark movies on the TV! 

She is a child who loves to participate in group activities but is equally happy to spend quiet time on her own.  

Some of the things she will tell you she enjoys doing are:  spending time with friends, going on field trips, arts and crafts, attending camp, painting her nails, swimming,  watching movies, playing video games and going to church on the weekends.

Sophia has excelled when guided with loving, firm, consistent boundaries and detailed expectations. 

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