MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Perfection Not Required

Hope is a teenager who has been in foster care for four years due to several unsuccessful placements, her biological family struggled and were not able to follow through with the service plan to resolve the safety concerns that brought Hope into care. Hope worked extremely hard in her first placements trying to fit in and belong but struggled with how different these families were from her biological family. She was eventually placed with a friend’s family. She saw this family as people who understood where she came from and accepted her exactly how she was. Hope’s adoptive family had a history that helped them understand why she was very stressed when the adoption date was coming up. They didn’t give up on her when she was dysregulated and was not following the rules. Hope feels like she belongs and feels loved by her new adoptive family.

You or your family may have gone through hard times that may have perfectly prepared you for fostering children who have also gone through hard times. Your family does not have to be perfect to be able to help heal children who are in foster care. God prepares us for the work He calls us to. Is He calling you to foster children? For more information on becoming a foster parent call 800-264-6224.