Missouri Baptist Children's Home

MBCH Has a New Look!

The “Why” for the new MBCH logo.

Why the colors? Blues are generally viewed as calming colors that communicate peace and rest (many bedrooms are blue for this reason). The main logo colors are light blue and dark blue. The light blue is calming and the dark blue shows a quiet strength that can communicate “a calm in the storm.” We are using an orangish red for the accent color (not in the logo but in the branding) to provide a playful pop of color. It isn’t fire engine red which can feel like anger and even trigger PTSD in some but a red that feels more joyful and playful. This will add a nice contrast that will help add the impact of grabbing attention when needed.

Why the logo choices? The cross represents MBCH’s strong Christian foundation and philosophy in care and the state of Missouri communicates that the care is being provided for all of the state of MO.

Why the font? Lower case usage of the font is more approachable and the roundness of the font feels soft and comforting. The lack of sharp edges sends a more nurturing and less authoritative feeling. Capital letters are used for the affiliates to provide balance and undertones of foundational strength.

Why the change? There are many reasons but the largest reason is to not miscommunicate the organization and philosophy. First and foremost, this is a ministry that focuses on being Christ in a dark and hurting world primarily in Missouri. MBCH is focused on being HOPE to the hopeless and RESTORATION to the broken in some of the most hopeless and broken situations.

Why has The Messenger changed so much? Paper costs and mailing costs have inflated significantly and those changes appear to be here to stay. This “new look” for The Messenger is the first step in our efforts to steward MBCH resources wisely while still keeping you connected to the news and information you need.

What hasn’t changed? The ministry, mission, and focus of MBCH hasn’t changed. MBCH is aggressively working to minister to children and families in Missouri just like it has for the last 137 years. MBCH has been and will continue to be a ministry of Hope and Restoration to children and families despite how difficult the culture and circumstances may be.