MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Happy Birthday Sally!

A staff member reminded us today that it is the little things that matter! Last week, one of our clients, Sally, had a birthday and she was greeted by staff with a smile and a big “Happy Birthday!” Sally was frowning and replied, “Don’t say that. This is not a special day.”

What Sally didn’t know was that everything had been set up in the basement for a surprise birthday party with balloons, table cloth, cake and gifts. Sally was called to the basement by staff for a house meeting, everyone else was already in the basement ready for the surprise. When Sally went downstairs, everyone said “Surprise, Happy Birthday!” Sally immediately starting crying and hugging staff. Sally said “Nobody has ever celebrated me before!”

A $1 table cloth, $1 balloons and a cake…..no one had ever celebrated her before!! It is the small things that matter! What a wonderful opportunity we have at Missouri Baptist Children’s Home to help our clients understand that not only do we celebrate them and love them, but we also get to share the good news that Christ loves them so much he gave his life for them.