MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Fun in the sun

Told by Jan Greninger, Program Director

If we believe there can be a silver lining even in such a tragedy as COVID-19, one of those may be taking more time to be outside and to play more inside and outside.

While the weather was good, our staff and residents on campus took advantage of it and planned some fun events.  They participated in a kickball game, four square tournament, and a cookie bake off.  They also had a pizza and karaoke event one day.  They all enjoyed an on-campus scavenger hunt and exercise classes.

The girls really enjoyed the scavenger hunt. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting to work in teams.

During one of the kickball games one of the girls got a home run and everyone was so happy for her.  The girl who made the home run was very excited and it was cool to see everyone cheer her on.