MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Every Blessing is an Opportunity

When children/youth come into state custody due to abuse/neglect, our job is to try to minimize the trauma they have already experienced. One huge way to do that is when we can locate a relative where the child can be placed. Just imagine if you had to be removed from your home. You would want to be placed with a relative or someone you already know, wouldn’t you? Grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc., step up all the time to take in relative children/youth, sometimes at great sacrifice due to their own family situations, but they do it because they love their grandchild or niece/nephew and want to provide a safe refuge for them.  Relative providers need lots of support and reassurance as they navigate the child welfare system. Our Family Resource Development Specialists are there to provide that support. One of our new relative referrals has Spanish as their first language, and we are so glad to have one of our new employees, Genesis, who just happened to be up next for a new case and just happens to speak fluent Spanish to be assigned to this family! What a blessing for this family to have Genesis as their Specialist and what an opportunity it is for Genesis to provide support, care, and to share Christ’s love with this family.