Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Encouragement from One to Another

In our Transitional Living Program, we teach teens and young adults independent living skills. Unless they are in school, they are expected to obtain a job.  We teach them how to interview for a job, how to be professional in the workplace, and how to save money. Keep in mind, these are youth that have experienced trauma in their lives such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc. Our goal is to share Christ’s love with them, and provide support and encouragement for them in order for them to be successful at living in the community. One of our employees in the administration building happened to go to a fast-food establishment where one of our residents works and was served by her. Here’s what our employee had to say about that experience: “I had the best experience at McDonald’s today. Brittany served me my to-go order, and she did a fantastic job! She was very professional and helpful, and had a great smile and attitude!” We are proud of the great job Brittany is doing in learning how to be an adult!