MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Congratulations Graduate!!

Angela is an 18-year-old who did an excellent job in working towards her high school diploma.  She was behind in credits and was set to graduate in December of 2020; however, she worked really hard to finish by May 2020 so that she could graduate with her class.  Angela has a very strong faith and enjoys hearing and learning more about God from staff and volunteers.  She also appreciates the opportunity for staff to pray with her whenever she is feeling anxious or confused about her next steps.  She has enjoyed participating in the virtual church services with staff and other residents.  For Angela’s graduation, MBCH staff and other residents decorated an MBCH van and drove through the drive up graduation in support of her.  She had family members who came and supported her as well.  Angela was very appreciative, happy, and emotional during the ceremony.  We are proud of Angela and her achievement!