MBCH Foundation

Campus Needs Properties Projects

Lowe-Frillman Campus, Bridgeton

Residential and Housing Units:

Johnson and Thompson Cottages - Replace the shingles with siding

Johnson and Thompson Cottages - Dormers need to be painted and repaired

Renovate Kenison Complex (Franklin and Brackenridge upstairs) to include:

  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Cabinets (Franklin side only
  • Doors
  • Plumbing
  • Bathrooms
  • Drywall
  • Appliances
  • Bannisters (Franklin side only)

Barnes Building – Replace back windows and repair gutters and soffit

3855 Fee Fee Road Residence – Replace windows on back porch

3838 Building - Gutter Repairs

3834 Fee Fee Road Residence - Repair/Replace roof and gutters

3832 Building - Gutter Repairs

Ranch Oak - Gutter Repairs

Pavilion - Missing shingles and gutter repair

Gazebo - Repair gutters

Administration Building:

  • Replace flooring on third floor
  • Interior painting
  • Repair/Replace roof

Common Areas:

  • Campus wide landscaping
  • Pavers in plaza

Byrne Campus, Peculiar

Gephardt House:

  • Build walkway from kitchen door to driveway
  • Install drainage system off back porch to reduce erosion
  • Tile bathroom/shower walls
  • Kitchen cabinet replacement
  • Island countertop replacement
  • Garage doors replaced
  • Replace flooring in office
  • Replace flooring in hallway and recreation room

Country Haven:

  • Office built at back of house
  • New flooring
  • Sand and paint porch swings

Common Areas:

  • Install ductwork in storage building
  • Install windows in storage building
  • Erosion control/tiered system by kitchen door to driveway
  • Shed cleanout; dumpster needed

Hutchens Campus, Mount Vernon

Wilmoth Complex:

  • Replace shower units
  • Install bathroom/showers in second staff bedroom
  • Replace flooring in monitor room
  • Install handrail on steps to Moody


  • Replace flooring in main area, and bathrooms, hallways
  • Repair/replace security cameras
  • Install cubby space in pantry

South Haven:

  • Repair/replace security cameras
  • Install new kitchen cabinets
  • Install cubby space in pantry
  • Repair basement drainage
  • Replace flooring office

Common Areas:

  • Patch and seal driveway around campus loop, including south exit
  • Gravel for certain driveways
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Replace flooring in administration building
  • Build gazebo with porch swings

The LIGHT House Maternity Home, Kansas City

  • Minor tuck pointing
  • Foundation work
  • Remodel and update kitchen
  • Repave driveway
  • Build carport for agency vehicles

The Branches at Brookline

  • Dining tabletop resufaced to tolerate moisture/temperature or possibly glass top
  • Replace de-scaler with expansion tank filter (well)
  • Finish a room in barn (either as a restroom or a storage room)
  • Move west gutter drain to parking pad
  • Scrape and repaint exterior woodwork (porch posts and door trim)
  • Fix dining room flooring that ahs been scarred by chairs
  • Replace bar stools

Springfield Office

  • Replace furnace gas line
  • Repaint front sign
  • Repair front room tile
  • Prep and paint interior walls and doors
  • Replace flooring in halls and offices