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Wanda Shellenbarger PhotoWanda Shellenbarger has joined the MBCH Public Relations team as a Women’s Ministry Specialist. For a number of years she has been the Women’s Ministry Consultant to the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) and has done a wonderful job of engaging women in discipleship, ministry and missions. When the MBC underwent a reorganization, Dr. John Yeats, Executive Director of the Convention, recommended that we add her to our staff.

Wanda will continue to develop and promote the same kinds of events (and others) for women and girls that she did with the MBC. The relationships that she has developed throughout the MBC and Southern Baptist Convention will prove invaluable to the Children’s Home. One of the goals of the MBCH Children and Family Ministries Strategic Plan is to “Equip the agency, churches and other faith-based entities to become more involved and effective in strengthening families.” Having Wanda on staff will help fulfill that goal.

She will also work to promote and explain the ministries and special events of the Children’s Home. The Children’s Home has long had a need for materials that help explain our work to children’s mission groups, VBS’s and Sunday school classes. Wanda will use her expertise to help develop those materials.

Contact Information

Wanda Shellenbarger
Women's Ministry Specialist | Church Engagement Catalyst
Home Office: 902 Copper Oaks Drive, Carl Junction, MO 64834
Phone: 417-529-0724