The LIGHT House

Full Service Adoption

The LIGHT House is a full service adoption agency licensed in the State of Missouri.  Since 1985, our experienced staff has facilitated hundreds of successful adoptions.  We help connect expectant mothers, who will be delivering or have delivered their babies in Missouri, with prospective Christian adoptive families who may live throughout the country. 

Some of our services include:

  • Full-service adoption agency, licensed in the State of Missouri
  • Pregnancy and post-adoption support
  • Home Study preparation
  • Home Study updates
  • Education and advocacy for adoptive and birth families
  • Referral to The LIGHT House maternity home, if applicable

Birth Parents

The birth parent is the most courageous person involved in any adoption. Choosing adoption is not easy, not at the time of placement nor years later. What happens in an adoption, how do you get through the experience, and how does it affect you later in life?

These are questions our experienced staff can discuss with you. We want you to know that you are not alone. Many others have felt the same feelings and had the same experiences as you.

If you are considering adoption please call our Hope Line at 816-916-4434.

Adoptive families:

The LIGHT House has been helping birth parents connect with adoptive families for over 20 years.  Our experienced staff can provide personal attention and support during this exciting yet challenging time.  

See our Fee Schedule for more information!

For more information on adopting through The LIGHT House, contact David Broxterman, Adoption Manager, at 816.361.2233 x 231 or at