MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Families are the Best Place for Children to Grow

Here at MBCH Children and Family Ministries we work very hard to reunite each child in state custody with his or her biological family. We do this because families are the best place for children to grow and flourish. If the biological family cannot stabilize, we look for other family or kin who want to be family for the child in our care. Recently, we worked with John, who was in Treatment Foster Care, and had some challenging behaviors. His aunt decided that she wanted John to live with her. Our staff didn't just help them with the transition, but also followed up to see how they were doing. Some of John's behavior had regressed, so the Specialist provided support to the aunt to ensure that this family was able to stay together. It is such a joy to our staff to see kids being loved by family, so they spend extra time to make sure it is successful!