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Children Available for Adoption

Children Available for Adoption

There are hundreds of foster children in Missouri who are waiting for a forever family. The photos listed on this page are some of those whose care is managed by MBCH Children and Family Ministries. For more information about the children listed as available on this website, please contact our INTAKE office at (800) 264-6224. If you would like to see photos and profiles of other waiting children, please follow one of the links below.



To adopt a child like like these who is in the custody of the state, you must complete the training and licensing requirements for foster care. Typically, there is little or no cost. MBCH Children and Family Ministries (MBCHCFM) staff can work with you to determine your eligibility and to inform you of the procedures necessary to adopt children in the state foster care system. In many areas of Missouri, MBCHCFM is able to provide the training.

For more information, please contact our Intake Department at (800) 264-6224 or email us at Intake@mbch.org 

Kevin is Available for Adoption

Name: Kevin
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sibling Group: No

Kevin is a 16 year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He has been in foster care for eight years. He is spunky, outgoing, and full of energy. He is friendly with others. He loves music and loves to sing and dance. He likes drawing and giving speeches. Kevin enjoys listening to the NOAA weather radio. He would like to be a meteorologist someday. He really enjoys history. He enjoys outside activities, such as riding his bike, swimming and playing at parks. He also enjoys playing video games and the Wii and watching television. Kevin enjoys attending church with his foster mother and enjoys attending extracurricular and community activities. Kevin benefits from positive attention and praise from his caregivers.

Kevin is physically healthy and wears glasses. He currently has an IEP, which is helping him catch up in school. Kevin participates in individual therapy. He benefits from a structured environment with clear directions and boundaries. He benefits from praise, affirmation, patience and attention from his caregivers. Kevin is legally free for adoption.

For more detailed information about Kevin, please contact Krystal Neal at 417-831-2342 ext 19 or krystal.neal@mbch.org.

Paul is Available for Adoption

Name: Paul
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sibling Group: No

Paul is an amazing fifteen year old boy who is a joy to be around. He's outgoing, friendly and absolutely loves anything to do with art. He's active and enjoys camping, riding bikes, attending church, and playing video games.

Paul's forever family will need to be able to provide him with a good structure and routine. Paul will do best in a two parent household that will look for ways to challenge him to meet his potential and be willing to parent a gifted child.

Noah is Available for Adoption

Name: Noah
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sibling Group: No

Noah is a tall and slender boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He is very bright and has a great sense of humor. Noah talks with a minor speech impediment, but it doesn't get in the way of his joke telling. He is charming when he knows he is being funny.

Noah has great relationships with adults and is able to go to regular school classes.

Noah is extremely imaginative and loves to read and draw. This year Noah built a model home on his own (with some direction from his foster father).

Noah very much wants to be adopted and have a forever family. Noah has even asked if he could be apart of the picking process for my new family.

Noah will do great with a home that offers him a steady schedule and a stable home environment. The forever home that chooses Noah should be a home that likes to laugh and can teach Noah the social skills he will need to be successful in life.

Michael is Available for Adoption

Name: Michael
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Sibling Group: No

Michael is an adorable 12-year old with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is affectionate and animated. Michael likes to play with trains, cars, trucks, and wagons. He loves to play video games and ride his bike.

Michael is looking for a committed foster family who will love and support him and possibly consider becoming his forever family through adoption. He thrives in a structured environment and specialized training will be available for a family willing to make a commitment to help him succeed.

Michael has a biological brother with whom he would like to keep in contact.

Shamika is Available for Adoption

Name: Shamika
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Sibling Group: No

Shamika is a friendly little 7 year-old girl. She can be very shy when she initially meets people but quickly overcomes her reluctance to interact if given a little attention. She loves to sing and dance.? Shamika craves and is in need of one-on-one time with her care providers.? She enjoys doing projects and playing with her dolls and is very active and busy.

Shamika has adapted to a household of siblings and extended family. She does express a fear of dogs. Shamika needs a family that will be patient with her as she adjusts to a new situation.