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Trainings for Children and Youth Ministry Leaders and Volunteers
Training for Ministry Leaders to Address Challenges and Equip Lay People
Training for Orphan Care Ministries - Foster / Adoptive / Relative Families
Equipping Women for Impactful Ministry


Trainings for Children and Youth Ministry Leaders and Volunteers

Stewards of Children by Darkness to Light
Learn the 5 steps to keep children and teens safe from sexual abuse. Powerful training on the impact of child sexual abuse with stories from survivors and experts in the field. Emphasizes the adult responsibility of keeping children safe.

Being Intentional about Safety in Ministry
Does your church have the appropriate policy and procedures in place to ensure safety in your ministry? Let MBCH Church Engagement assist with policy review and/or training and development. If you currently have policy, we can review and assess any needs your church may have. If you do not currently have policy but would like to develop it, we can assist with the development of policies designed specifically for your church ministry.

Darkness to Light Follow-Up Series (each 1 hour)

  • Talking to children about safety from sexual abuse
  • Healthy touch for children and youth
  • Commercial sexual exploitation of children (trafficking)
  • Bystanders –protecting children from boundary violations

The Whole Brain Child
A fun training on brain functioning of children and youth shows how the upstairs versus downstairs brain works, and how the right versus left brain works. Offers very practical hands-on strategies to parent or lead children from a whole brain perspective, and understand why children react to various situations.

Working with Children and Youth from a Trauma Background
Learn about the impact of past trauma and the power of relationships to heal. Discover some practical tools to assist with connecting, empowering, and correcting. Engage in discussions around the challenges we face when loving and working with children or youth with a trauma background.

Solving the Mysteries of Challenging Behavior
Explores root causes of challenging behaviors in children and youth, and how they are often tied to past experiences or trauma. Offers some practical tips and strategies to respond effectively to a variety of challenging behaviors.

Tech Savvy Parenting
Takes a look at how to keep children and youth safe in our highly connected tech world. Offers tips and practical strategies of how to learn what your children are doing on-line, learn how to apply appropriate parental controls, and how to keep up to date on the various tech tools your children are using. This is a great training for the parents in your church.
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Training for Ministry Leaders to Address Challenges and Equip Lay People

Open Table Project
Partner with MBCH to recruit volunteers and let us assist with equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. We will assist your church with recruiting lay leaders, then MBCH will provide training, and work with them to recruit and train a team of lay leaders to form a table to become natural helpers to hurting people in your community. MBCH will develop referral sources and will help connect hurting people in your community for your tables to serve. See our page of info about this project on our church engagement page on the MBCH website.

Understanding and Responding to Domestic Abuse
Domestic abuse is a bigger problem than most realize, and often it is in the church and goes unrecognized. As a ministry leader, how much do you know about domestic abuse, and would you be prepared to respond appropriately if you become aware of this issue in your church?

Combatting Pornography
We are living in a sexually saturated society, and unfortunately, pornography is a big problem in our churches. Many men and some women in our churches struggle with this issue, yet due to embarrassment, shame, and fear of judgement, they often continue to struggle unnoticed. Statistically, less than 7% of churches have a plan on how to address this issue that is so destructive.

Understanding How Past Trauma Impacts Children, Youth, and Families
Learn about the impact of past trauma and the power of relationships to heal. Take a look at what trauma is in its various forms and how it impacts children, youth, and adults. Consider how your ministry to families can become a resource to equip children and their families overcome the challenges of their past and pursue more loving interactions.

Ministering Effectively with Issues of Infertility
This is often an area of loss and grief for couples that ministry leaders struggle to know the most beneficial approach for ministry. Learn about how infertility and all its related issues impacts couples in your church and the best approach to offer support and ministry.
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Training for Orphan Care Ministries - Foster / Adoptive / Relative Families

Develop and Launch an Orphan Care Ministry
Is your church ready to begin ministering in the area of foster care and adoption, and you just need some help getting started? Or, perhaps you already have families in your church who have begun ministering in this area that you are seeking to support and minister to more effectively. MBCH can provide the training and ministry development assistance you need to ensure success.

Becoming a More Trauma-Informed Foster Parent
This training goes over what trauma is in its various forms and how it impacts children and families. Helps parents understand root causes to their children’s challenging behaviors that are often normal responses to past trauma.

Connecting with Children from Hard Places
Practical strategies to connect relationally with children who have experienced trauma in their background, and how the connection makes a huge impact on the child’s healing, and functioning.
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Equipping Women for Impactful Ministry

2021 Women’s Ministry Training Clinic - April 16-17th
Connect with other Women’s Ministry Leaders in the area at this Training Event. You will be given the scriptural tools to be the best leader you can be. Interactive classes and fresh biblical insights on leadership roles will leave you refreshed, renewed and excited to return to the ministry field to better serve both now and in the future. (This Workshop is also designed for community leaders, teachers of a Sunday School Class or mom’s serving their families in the home; all women are leaders in some area of life.) See our page of info about this event on our church engagement page on the MBCH website.

New Thing Women’s Conference - October 7-9th in Branson

Consultation and Training
Wanda Shellenbarger, Women’s Ministry Specialist / Church Engagement Catalyst is available to consult with churches on how to effectively minister to women in your church and community.
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In most cases these trainings and resources can be provided to your church at no cost. All trainings can be offered virtually or face to face. For additional information or to schedule any of these trainings, please contat David Burch at david.burch@mbch.org.

Does your ministry have additional training needs not listed here? Reach out to David Burch at david.burch@mbch.org and let us know how we can assist you in meeting those needs.