Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Will You Pray For Us?


  • All client beds are full (DD)
  • Had a successful reunification and we had a young person be able to transition to a kinship home (TFC & FRD)
  • Praise all of our clients and staff have remained healthy. Please pray that this continues.



  • Prayer for smooth transitions to our changing staff scheduling and that we find quality mission minded applicants to fill the spots in our DD houses.

  • We continue to need more families and referrals that match our open beds in TFC. Please pray that we find the people being called for these positions.

  • Jamie Jones is one of the SW Missouri maintenance men.  His son is currently in desperate need of our prayers as he is in the ICU on a ventilator.  This is going in to the second week and Jamie has reached out for prayers for his son Brian.
  • Please pray for Employees and Families who are dealing with Covid-19.

  • Please pray for several of our staff and/or family members who are dealing with physical health issues. (CFM)
  • Please pray for several of our staff who are pursuing graduate degrees while also working full time. (CFM)
  • Please pray for several openings that we have in the agency at our Springfield Office, Hutchens Campus in Mt. Vernon, our Byrne Campus in Peculiar, and our Lowe-Frillman Campus in St. Louis. If you or anyone you know is interested in working with children, please review the openings on our website and contact our HR Department.  (CFM)
  • Please pray for staffing at The LIGHT House as we work to fill critical vacancies.  (LH)
  • We ask for prayer for Brenda P. for her upcoming knee surgery on August 5th, and following recovery.

  • Prayer for staff as they work together to provide support to each other while filling open positions in the homes

  • Prayer to be able to fill open positions with the persons that God want in those roles.

  • Dawn C. requests prayer for her niece, Taylor. For Taylor with adjusting to a new living environment and to improve relationship with her mom and family.

  • Jaime R. requests prayer for peace and comfort, as well as moments of relief from grief and loss, as the year anniversary of her son’s “home going” occurs at the beginning of Sept.


  • One resident is asking for prayer regarding her mental health, specifically dealing with postpartum depression.
  • Prayer that our one client who still needs to begin working at her workshop gets an open spot soon.

  • We have one young lady at Branches who is still waiting on her work assignment at the local sheltered workshop and workshop is on a hiring freeze. (DD)
  • Please pray for our schools, teachers, and children as decisions are made about this school year.
  • One resident is asking for prayer for their depression, hoping that it will subside as well as for better sleep. (LH)

  • Another resident is asking for regarding being the best mom they can be. (LH)

  • Pray for our foster kids and their families as they transition to a new Family Foster Care Specialist.

  • Pray for our 2 yr. old foster boy who is making significant progress in his health but still has some very invasive surgeries ahead of him.

  • Pray for one of our foster families and their children as they deal with some very significant personal issues.

  • One of our mom’s is asking for prayer that she will be able to complete her HiSet and will be able to get child support from the baby’s father.
  • Another resident is a stressed about being a mom and asked for prayer that she will be the best mom that she can possibly be.
  • One resident is asking for prayer to ease anxiety, learn skill of giving care to others, felt safety with bedtime

  • One resident is asking for prayer because they just found out that dad is in jail, adjust to new living environment

  • One resident is asking for prayer to adjust to new living environment, improve relationship with mom

  • One resident is asking for prayer to be able to transition well to a new foster home in the coming weeks. For her mom and dad, and for her to get to see them again.

  • One resident is asking for prayer for their step-dad, mom, sister, and Kathy. For good health and all of them to stay faithful.

  • One resident is asking for prayer for their step-dad makes a good recovery from surgery. To adjust to new living environment.

Foster and Relative Parents: 

  • Please be in prayer for our agency as we seek to find relatives to care for children/youth in state custody and as we seek to recruit foster parents to care for children/youth.  These children are in desperate need of a home where they will find love and care.  Please pray that God will help us find new ways to reach out to potential relative foster parents and foster parents.  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a foster parent, please call 1-800-264-6224 and ask for Intake.  
  • Please pray for Families to accept the calling and commit to being foster parents for teens who are waiting for placements.


  • Please pray for more families to join the TFC program
  • Pray for God to provide the financial resources needed to care for hurting children. Our Regional Representatives are currently unable to speak personally in churches or make visits to donors.
  • Pray for children who are at greater risk of abuse during these days when families are under great stress.
  • COVID-19: Pray that God will intervene in the global pandemic and bring healing to our world. Pray for individuals and businesses who are struggling financially because of the pandemic. Pray for churches as they find alternative ways to worship and minister.