Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Will You Pray For Us?


  • One of our clients in our independent living program saved enough money to make a down payment on a house for her and her children, and moved in on March 20th!  Pray that God will protect them in these uncertain times.  
  • Another client in our independent living program was able to move back home with her mother just in time for her younger brother's birthday.  Pray that this reunification will last and that this family will stay safe duirng these challenging times.


  • Pray for our staff as they adapt to providing care to our clients during this difficult time of social distancing, stay-at-home orders and health concerns.  Please pray that even in these challenging times staff will do the best they can at maintaning a work-life balance so that they can stay healthy for their own families and their clients.  Please pray for staff who have to be on the front lines when a new case comes in having to pick up children/youth that may be exhibiting symptoms and/or may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.  Please pray for protection of our staff and clients.  


  • Please pray for our clients who are in our residential group homes and foster homes.  Many of these clients usually have regular, in-person visits with their families.  During this COVID-19 crisis we can only do virtual visits or phone calls.  This is very stressful for our clients and their families.  Please pray that God will sustain them during these difficult times.  
  • Please pray for our teens who are in residential placements across the state. They have experienced trauma that has not been resolved. May God bring someone into their lives that will make them feel safe enough to disclose their fears and worries.
  • Please pray for an 11-year-old boy that came into CD custody for educational neglect.  After meeting with the mother and others on the case, it appears he was missing school because he was being bullied and that his mom was trying to get him into a different school setting.  In the midst of this, his mom was hot lined because he wasn’t in school.  Pray that the staff can work with the schools and courts to reunify the child with his mother as soon as possible.


Foster Parents: 

  • Please pray for one of our Treatment Family Care Foster Parents who has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently in ICU.  Update:  This foster parent is out of the hospital and at home.  He will be receiving chemotherapy treatment in the near future, so please continue to pray for him.
  • Please be in prayer for our Treatment Family Care program in Kansas City.  We are in desperate need of more treatment foster care families.  
  • Please pray for foster parents across the state who are taking in new placements to their homes where children/youth may be exhibiting symptoms and/or exposed to someone who has COVID-19.  Please pray for God's protection on these families and that he will provide them peace and calmness during these difficult times.  


 Upcoming Events:

  • Pray for upcoming events like the Hannibal Golf Tournament and Strawberry Festival. Pray that we will be able to hold these events as scheduled and that they would be successes.

  • Pray that God will give us wisdom as we plan events and reschedule events we had to cancel.


  • Pray for God to provide the financial resources needed to care for hurting children. Our Regional Representatives are currently unable to speak personally in churches or make visits to donors.
  • Pray for children who are at greater risk of abuse during these days when families are under great stress.
  • COVID-19: Pray that God will intervene in the global pandemic and bring healing to our world. Pray for individuals and businesses who are struggling financially because of the pandemic. Pray for churches as they find alternative ways to worship and minister.
  • Please pray for open positions in our agency that God will bring just the right people to fill them.  
  • In April our agency will be taking on the responsibility of providing the resource development for all the agencies in our consortium.  Please pray for a smooth transition as we receive cases from our sister agencies.