Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Will You Pray For Us?


  • Answered Prayers! Our Foster Parents are active in their churches which is a great way for our children to be fed spiritually and learn about our loving heavenly father. Some of our children are very open to having a relationship with Jesus but some of our children come to our homes angry and not understanding what a healthy relationship even looks like. Our Foster Parents model healthy relationships that are safe and loving which often can open the child's heart to learning more about God. This month we had a teenager in one of our Treatment Foster Care homes that made a profession of faith.  This young lady said, “I finally realized that God was the missing piece in my life!” 
  • At MBCH CFM we are blessed to have Christian Foster Parents who have the freedom to share the good news of Jesus with the children in their homes. When our Treatment Family Care Specialists complete the initial assessment of a new child in our program they also assess what the child believes regarding God. At the end of August, one of our TFC Specialists contacted a foster parent to see what the new child, in the home, believed. This opened up a conversation between the TFC Parent and the child to talk about Jesus and the child accepted Jesus as his savior!  Within this mission field some of our interactions with children can be years long or only a fleeting moment. Our MBCH Employees and foster parents' mission field is extremely important and extremely impactful for hurting children who have experienced trauma and loss.
  • We have been working with a mom to be reunited with her two sons who are in state custody.  The last barrier was finding housing which she has located!  Please pray that everything goes as planned so she can move soon and be reunited with her boys. (CFM)
  • Two little girls are being adopted by their grandparents tomorrow!  We thank God for providing a permanent home for them! (CFM)


  • Cassy Allee with MBCH-Foundation covets your prayers for her daughter, son-in-law and their first child that is due in January. Their unborn child has been diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (missing the left side of the heart).  Please pray for God’s will, healing, strength and comfort.
  • Please pray for protection for our Community-Based staff as they continue to minister to children and families during COVID-19.  Please also pray for our Residential staff as new clients are admitted that all will stay safe and healthy. (CFM)
  • Please pray for several openings that we have in the agency at our Hutchens Campus in Mt. Vernon, and Byrne Campus in Peculiar.  Please pray for wisdom as leadership interviews and makes decisions on who to hire.  If you or anyone you know is interested in working with children, please review the openings on our website and contact our HR Department.  (CFM)


  • One resident requested prayer that she will do well in school this year with the added responsibilities of a new baby. - The LIGHT House

  • Another resident requested prayer that she will be able to find a job while pregnant. - The LIGHT House
  • A resident requested prayer that her best friend’s mother will recover quickly from surgery without any complications. - The LIGHT House

  • Another resident requested prayer that she will do well this year in school. - The LIGHT House
  • A resident requested prayer for her father for complete recovery from cancer. - The LIGHT House

  • A resident requested prayer that her baby will stay healthy. - The LIGHT House

  • A resident has requested prayer for finding a job. - The LIGHT House

  • Two residents have requested prayer that their babies will remain healthy during this time of COVID-19. - The LIGHT House


  • Please pray for Baby Girl C. who has severe medical needs due to an accidental drug ingestion.  Update:  Baby Girl C. is making progress and will be placed with her grandma once she is ready to leave the hospital.    (CFM)
  • Please pray for T. who is a child was adopted, has had challenges in his adoptive family and as a result needed to be placed in one of our Treatment Foster Care homes.  Please pray for T. and his family that they will eventually be reunited, but that his family will allow him to stay long enough in the foster home to receive the treatment he needs.  (CFM)
  • Please pray for a new resident at one of our group homes for developmentally delayed adults.  Pray that he will become employed quickly and settle in to the home. (CFM)


Foster Parents: 

  • Please pray for some families that will be starting the foster parent training this week.  If you are interested in becoming a foster parent please call 1-800-264-6224 and ask for Intake.  
  • Please pray for foster parents around the state as they  maneuver the school year with all the COVID-19 challenges.
  • Please be in prayer for our agency as we seek to recruit foster parents to care for children/youth who are in desperate need of a home where they will find love and care.   Please pray for one of our new Treatment Foster Care parents as they provide a home for their first foster child.  


  • Pray for God to provide the financial resources needed to care for hurting children. Our Regional Representatives are currently unable to speak personally in churches or make visits to donors.
  • Pray for children who are at greater risk of abuse during these days when families are under great stress.
  • COVID-19: Pray that God will intervene in the global pandemic and bring healing to our world. Pray for individuals and businesses who are struggling financially because of the pandemic. Pray for churches as they find alternative ways to worship and minister.