Missouri Baptist Children's Home

Will You Pray For Us?


• Our case management work at the Springfield Office has been expanded.  We will be adding on 60 clients in that region which is an opportunity to minister to more children/youth and their families.  Please pray for us as we start up this new work.  Update:  All new staff for this work have been hired!  Please pray for these new staff as they start their training and are assigned cases.  

• We have some new case management work in the St. Louis area in Jefferson County.  Again, the opportunity is there to serve children/youth and their families in this area.  Please pray for our staff as they take on these new cases.  


  • Please pray for our staff, some of whom have been sick with COVID-19, have had to quarantine because of being exposed, and/or have family members who have suffered because of the virus. 
  • Please pray for protection for our Community-Based staff as they continue to minister to children and families during COVID-19.  Please also pray for our Residential staff as new clients are admitted that all will stay safe and healthy. (CFM)
  • Please pray for several openings that we have in the agency at our Hutchens Campus in Mt. Vernon and our Byrne Campus in Peculiar. Please pray for wisdom as leadership interviews and makes decisions on who to hire.  If you or anyone you know is interested in working with children, please review the openings on our website and contact our HR Department.  (CFM)


  • One resident who is being induced early next week requested prayer for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

  • A general requests is that everyone will remain healty and COVID free.

  • One young mom is doing school virtually and is struggling. She is asking for prayer that she will be able to do well with the remote learning.

  • Another mom is struggling with depression and has ask for prayer for her mental health.

  • Two moms requested prayer that their baby’s will be born healthy.
  • One resident requested prayer that she will do well in school this year with the added responsibilities of a new baby. - The LIGHT House

  • Another resident requested prayer that she will be able to find a job while pregnant. - The LIGHT House
  • A resident requested prayer that her best friend’s mother will recover quickly from surgery without any complications. - The LIGHT House

  • Another resident requested prayer that she will do well this year in school. - The LIGHT House
  • A resident requested prayer for her father for complete recovery from cancer. - The LIGHT House

  • A resident requested prayer that her baby will stay healthy. - The LIGHT House

  • A resident has requested prayer for finding a job. - The LIGHT House

  • Two residents have requested prayer that their babies will remain healthy during this time of COVID-19. - The LIGHT House


  • While the holidays can be fun, and also a meaningful time as we celebrate Christ's birth, for many of our clients the holidays are difficult and sad as they miss family or wish for a different family situation.  Please pray that God will bring them comfort and peace. (CFM)
  • Please pray for one of our Pregnancy Services clients who has a high risk pregnancy and is due soon. (CFM)
  • Please pray for another Pregnancy Services client who is trying to escape from a domestic violence situation. (CFM)
  • We have two open beds in our group home for developmentally disabled adults in Springfield.  Please pray that we will find just the right match.  (CFM)
  • Please pray for T. who is a child who was adopted, has had challenges in his adoptive family and as a result needed to be placed in one of our Treatment Foster Care homes.  Please pray for T. and his family that they will eventually be reunited, but that his family will allow him to stay long enough in the foster home to receive the treatment he needs.  (CFM) 
  • Teens who are in the child welfare system and have not been able to be reunified with biological family but have an opportunity to be adopted by a foster parent often struggle with feeling conflicted about their biological family and possible adoptive family.  Please pray for one of our teen boys who is in an adoptive placement, but is struggling with the decision to be adopted or not.  Please pray that the family will be able to provide whatever is needed for him to feel safe and loved. (CFM)
  • Please pray for another teen boy who is moving to a pre-adoptive home that the transition will go well and that his adoptive family will be committed to him through the good and bad days.  (CFM)

Foster and Relative Parents: 

  • Please pray for foster parents and foster relative parents around the state as they  maneuver the school year with all the COVID-19 challenges.
  • Please be in prayer for our agency as we seek to find relatives to care for children/youth in state custody and as we seek to recruit foster parents to care for children/youth.  These children are in desperate need of a home where they will find love and care.  COVID-19 is requiring that we find new, creative ways to recruit.  Please pray that God will help us find new ways to reach out to potential relative foster parents and foster parents.  If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a foster parent, please call 1-800-264-6224 and ask for Intake.


  • Pray for God to provide the financial resources needed to care for hurting children. Our Regional Representatives are currently unable to speak personally in churches or make visits to donors.
  • Pray for children who are at greater risk of abuse during these days when families are under great stress.
  • COVID-19: Pray that God will intervene in the global pandemic and bring healing to our world. Pray for individuals and businesses who are struggling financially because of the pandemic. Pray for churches as they find alternative ways to worship and minister.