Happy Birthday, MBCH

By: Russell Martin, President

Missouri Baptist Children's Home
Posted: Mar 28, 2023

Happy birthday, MBCH.

Birthdays are fun days.  I should know as I have had 75 of them so far!

Saturday, April 1, marks the 137th birthday of MBCH.  I am sure the women who founded the Baptist Orphan's Home (as we were then called) would be amazed at what the Lord has done through the ministries of MBCH over these many years.  Something truly to celebrate.

And until the Lord returns, we will continue to serve Him and His children.  We are blessed and pleased to have you as part of the team and do this work together.  Thank you for joining hands with us through your prayers, your encouragement, and your financial support.  Let us give thanks for the good things He is doing.

Happy birthday, MBCH.


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