National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

By: Russell Martin, President

Missouri Baptist Children's Home
Posted: Jan 10, 2023

Wednesday, January 11, is set aside as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.  Human trafficking, according to Unitas, is the exploitation of another person for labor, domestic servitude, or commercial sexual activity by force, fraud, or coercion.  It is also the act of enslaving or exploiting unwilling other people. 

This is not just a problem in other countries or in large cities only, but takes place all too often and all too common in all parts of our country--urban, suburban, and rural.  According to the World Population Review, 199,000 incidents of human trafficking occur in the United States each year, and on a global scale, the U. S. is ranked one of the worse countries in terms of human trafficking risk.

In 2020, the National Human Trafficking Hotline Data Report stated that 28% of the victims identified were minors. 

Several years ago, MBCH in partnership with Crisis Aid International established a safe home in the St. Louis area for minor females and adult women who have been victimized by sexual trafficking activity.  A few years, a home for female minors was opened in the Kansas City area in partnership with the Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association and with REHOPE. 

If you are a victim or suspect someone else is, call the national human trafficking hotline at 888-373-7888.  Missouri Baptist Children's Home has a sexual abuse information line that may be called at 314-785-9889.

Let's do our part to end this horrendous activity that is taking place right under our noses and to provide hope, healing, and restoration to the survivors.  

For more information, check our website or call our sexual abuse information line.


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