Sanctity of Life Sunday - Do Something!

By: Russell Martin, President

Missouri Baptist Children's Home
Posted: Jan 09, 2023

As we enter a new year, it is fitting to begin with a focus and emphasis on the sanctity of life.  President Ronald Reagan on January 13, 1984, issued a proclamation designating January 22 of that year as the first National Sanctity of Life Day.  This was the 11th anniversary of Roe v. Wade where the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal.  Regrettably not every president since Reagan has issued an annual proclamation, but that should not detract us.  Life, regardless of what a president may or may not do or say, is a precious gift from God. 

We rejoice that the Supreme Court this past year overturned the Roe v. Wade decision, but that has not lessened the need for us to continue to defend and protect life at all stages—from conception to natural death.  There are too many states that continue to allow abortions to take place and there seems to be an increase in chemical abortions, even in states where abortion is now illegal.  In addition, we have far too many caught up in the tragedies of human trafficking and do not do what we should for those who may look or act differently from us. 

Each January, many churches across the country will set aside one day to observe the sanctity of life and to pray for our nation and the pro-life efforts.  Attention will be brought to the attacks that are waged on a daily basis by the abortion industry. 

However, I would submit to you it is not enough to just be against something.  We must be for something and work positively to effect a change in the hearts of people who are so misguided as to promote the termination of a life.  We must be for something and work positively to develop and provide resources for girls and women who are facing an untimely pregnancy and to give them hope and healing.  We also need to be there to help the men who fathered these babies to be the fathers they need to be. 

Since 1886 Missouri Baptist Children’s Home has been on the frontlines providing services to help children and families be all that God wants them to be—to be safe, to be loved, to be nurtured and encouraged, and to become followers of Christ.  Our programs include group homes as well as in-home services for pregnant and parenting teens and adults, human trafficking rescue ministries, and group homes for developmentally disabled adults.  Every life, regardless of the situation, is precious. 

Many of you reading this article are a vital part of our ministry as you support us through your prayers and financial support.  Many serve on staff as missionaries to those who come into our group homes and many serve as foster parents to provide a safe, homey environment and to help facilitate a child returning home or being placed with a relative through guardianship or perhaps through adoption.  I would encourage you to contact us at 1-800-264-6224 or check out our website at on ways you can become even more involved.  We are always in need of prayer partners and those who will join us on staff or serve as foster parents.  There is something you can do. 

While serving as president, Ronald Reagan spoke at a pro-life event in Washington, DC, that was attended by several people from the Kansas City area.  On the bus ride back home, they began to talk about what they might do in response to his challenge to protect and defend the unborn.  Out of that conversation, The LIGHT House was opened.  The aim is that Life Is Given Hope for Tomorrow, hence the name, The LIGHT House.  We are honored that God saw fit for it to become an affiliate of MBCH in 2012.

In that same year, Matthew West, a contemporary Christian musician, wrote the song “Do Something.”  His inspiration for the song came from a young college student named Andrea who went to Uganda and was struck by the horrors she saw in a government run orphanage.  She said she had to do something to meet the needs of the children that were placed there. 

He is quoted as saying, "Today, so many of us Christians talk so much about being the hands and feet of Christ, but never really displaying what that looks like.  Andrea has gone to the extremes to show us all what wild abandon to the cause of Christ looks like. It's not about talking.  It's about doing!!!  It's time for us to do something!"

What is your “do something” to protect, defend, and show value to every life--unborn and born?


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