A Foster Child's Wants in a Family

By: Russell Martin, President

Missouri Baptist Children's Home
Posted: Mar 25, 2019

Each of our board meetings begins with a devotional thought usually brought by a board member or a staff member.  In our most recent board meeting, board member Rev. David Stephenson, pastor of First Baptist Church Tipton, brought the devotion and concluded with the following list of things that were identified by a foster child when asked what he wanted in a family.  Here is that list:

Things I want in my family:
1.  I want food and water
2.  Don't hit on me
3.  A house with running water and lights
4.  I want love
5.  Mom and dad don't fight
6.  I want no drugs
7.  Don't kill my pets
8.  Help with school
9.  Nice clean clothes
10.  No lice; no bugs in home
11.  A clean house
12.  A clean bed with covers
13.  Don't sell my toys
14.  Treated fair
15.  Don't get drunk
16.  TV in house
17.  Let me keep my games
18.  School stuff
19.  Nice house and safe
20.  AC and heat
21.  Coat and toothbrush

These are all items that most of us take for granted; yet these are the things this foster child identified as what he wanted.  It reminds me of the awesome responsibility God has given us to minister to Him by ministering to the least of these (Matthew 25).

Thank you for partnering with us as serve God by responding to the needs of children, youth, and families to make a lasting difference in their lives. 


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