Orphan Sunday/Stand Sunday

By: Russell Martin, President

Missouri Baptist Children's Home
Posted: Nov 05, 2020

Sunday, November 8, 2020, is recognized as Orphan Sunday and Stand Sunday, a day on which we call believers to reach orphans and vulnerable children and to engage the local church in caring for foster children and their families.

MBCH has been providing services to children and families since 1886 and continues to be reliant upon those who will open their homes and provide a path to permanency for children.  Foster and adoptive homes are needed, especially for those who would be open to older children.

Statistics compiled by the Department of Social Services of the state of Missouri reveal that as of September, 2020, there were 13,828 children in foster care in Missouri and that there are 2,497 children awaiting adoption.

God's Word is very clear that we are to minister to the orphans and to the least of these.  Won't you please pray about what God would have you do to help provide homes for these precious children.  It may be you have a bedroom that is empty and God is telling you that you should consider becoming a foster home.  Perhaps you cannot be a foster parent, but you can help provide items needed by foster parents.  Or perhaps you can make a financial gift to help sponsor a foster home.  And, if nothing else (and undoubtedly the most important), pray and then respond as the Lord reveals to you His will and plan for you.  We are here to assist you as you explore the role God has placed on your heart.

Thank you for joining hands with us as serve God by responding to the needs of children, youth, and families to make a lasting difference in their lives.


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