A Life Changed

By: Russell Martin, President

Missouri Baptist Children's Home
Posted: Feb 01, 2019

One of the staff at the Byrne Campus shared the following story:

Today the Byrne Campus staff received news from the parent of a recent placement that shared that the youth was doing very well.  He is staying in school, making A's and B's, and is needing the extra supports of his IEP less often.  He is also doing "fantastic at home with minimal blowups and those are not severe."  The parent thanked the staff sharing, "he's the happy kid we had lost for that short period of time.  We thank you so much for everything you did to help our family."  

What a positive and encouraging piece of news to hear.  While we thank our staff who worked with this youth, we also want to thank you who pray for us and those who support us so we can minister to children, youth, and families.

Together we are making a difference!


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