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Since 1985, The LIGHT House has been providing Christ centered care to young mothers and their babies. Every person receives education, counseling, and life skills along with prenatal and pregnancy classes. We strive to provide the most comprehensive, Christ-centered care to young ladies facing unplanned pregnancies in the Kansas City area.

The LIGHT House Expands Programs

The LIGHT House, a pro-life agency serving the greater Kansas City metro area since 1985, is expanding services in order to better meet the needs of the community. On July 1, the maternity home program of The LIGHT House began accepting expectant mothers (age 12-21) who already have children younger than 18 months. Previously, The LIGHT House was only able to admit expectant mothers who did not have children.

With these expanding services, we are seeking a new or lightly used Little Tikes Home and Garden playhouse, a Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set (or something similar). If you are interested in providing one of these items, please contact Julie Ball at 816-361-2233 or email

Photo, Little Tikes Home and Garden Photo, Little Tikes Swing


1200 Babies

Imagine 1200 people age two weeks to 23 years. Imagine them all in a large auditorium. What a site that would be, 1200 happy, healthy young people 23 years of age and younger. Think of all the potential in that group, of the doctors, missionaries, teachers, inventors, artist that would not doubt some of them would become.

The Light House has been blessed to see over 1,200 babies born in our ministry since 1985.

1200 is a lot of babies. It is a lot of lives full of hope, dreams and contributions to our world. But 1200 is also the number of babies who were aborted in the USA between the time you ate breakfast and lunch today.

Baby Bottle Drive

How the Baby Bottle Drive Works:
We provide you with baby bottles which you then distribute to the image, baby bottlefamilies or groups in your church. They take them home and, over a predetermined amount of time, gradually fill them with loose change, cash or even a check. They return the bottles to you and you then turn around and present The LIGHT House with a check for the amount raised.

The LIGHT House will Provide:

Baby Bottle Drive Resources are available for download on our Web Resources page.

We rely on financial support from individuals and churches just like you. Your involvement is vital as The LIGHT House continues to provide pro-life services in the greater Kansas City metro area!

If your church or group is interested in participating in this life saving fundraiser, contact us today!
Your Spare Change Can Save a Baby's Life!

Video Window

This video can be played by clicking the play button above, or can be viewed on our Vimeo site. Downloads are available on our Vimeo site in standard definition (640x480/4Mb), high definition (1280x720/14Mb) and for mobile devices (480x270/2Mb). DVDs are available by calling the Public Relations department at 314-739-6811 or 800-264-6224.




Ways to Help

Ways to Help Home

Our ministry is supported solely by donations from generous individuals, churches, and organizations. There are many ways you can support the young ladies at The LIGHT House. Read More

Baby Bottle Drive

YOUR SPARE CHANGE CAN SAVE A BABY'S LIFE! Since 1985, the Light House has been providing the most comprehensive Christ-centered care to young women facing unplanned pregnancies. Read More

Baby Boutique

The LIGHT House Outreach program has a current need for diapers size 3 through 5, pull ups and baby wipes. Each week our group of approximately 25 to 30 young mothers participate in parenting & life skills classes along with Bible Study and prayer times. Read More

Christmas Needs List

Our children come from lives of chaos, not calm; violence, not peace. Their lives have been filled with neglect, abuse, anger, betrayal and despair. Read More

Financial Information

The LIGHT House is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the full extent provided by law. Read More

Holiday Help

Here are some ways to partner with the LIGHT House during the holiday season! Outreach Thanksgiving Bags:  Help supply dry goods and side items for Thanksgiving dinner.  Grocery bags will be distributed the week before Thanksgiving to the young ladies & their families in our Outreach Program.  Contact SK Oliver at or 816-419-7818 for more information. Read More

Material Needs

Baby Boutique Needs For Baby: New car seats, strollers, pack n plays (for liability reasons, these need to be new). Diapers (all sizes with sizes 3-5 being the greatest need). Read More

Missouri Maternity Home Tax Credit

Your gift to the Light House can reduce your taxes in two ways: 1. If you itemize your annual deductions, you may be able to subtract the entire amount from your total federal taxable income. Read More

Volunteer Opportunities

We view our volunteers as an extension of our staff. Because of this, we ask volunteers to go through a process similar to that of new employees. Read More


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