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The LIGHT House Expands Programs

The LIGHT House, a pro-life agency serving the greater Kansas City metro area since 1985, is expanding services in order to better meet the needs of the community. Beginning July 1, the maternity home program of The LIGHT House will accept expectant mothers (age 12-21) who already have children younger than 18 months. Previously, The LIGHT House was only able to admit expectant mothers who did not have children.

This program expansion will enable The LIGHT House to serve more young women who are facing an untimely pregnancy in addition to the challenges of caring for an infant.

The maternity home provides the support services a young mother needs as she carries and delivers her baby. These include life skills, parenting skills, emotional and medical support and spiritual encouragement. In addition to maternity home services, The LIGHT House also provides an outreach program to mothers and does private adoptions.

For more information on services offered or how to access services, click here or please visit www.lighthousekc.org or call 816-361-2233. The LIGHT House also maintains a 24-hour HOPE Line at 816-91-4434. The LIGHT House is an affiliate of MBCH Children and Family Ministries.

LaMoine Hamilton, MBCH Board Member, Passes Away

LaMoine Hamilton departed this life on Tuesday, July 29. She was a member of the board of MBCH from 2005 through 2011 and was curently serving on the board of MBCH Children and Family Ministries. Please remember her husband, Ed, and the family in your prayers. To view Lamoine's obituary, click here.


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Mon Sep 08, 2014
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Foster Care

Foster Care Home

Foster Care provides a temporary home for children who are unable to live in their biological parent's home. Foster parents provide a safe home and place for children to heal until they are either reunited with their birth family or an adoptive home is found. Read More

Children Available for Adoption

There are hundreds of foster children in Missouri who are waiting for a forever family. The photos listed on this page are some of those whose care is managed by MBCH Children and Family Ministries. Read More

Eligibility Guidelines

In order to qualify as a foster or adoptive parent through MBCH Children and Family Ministries for special needs children you must: Be 21 years old or older Be a professing Christian and active in an evangelical Christian church If married, must have a stable marriage Be in good physical and emotional health and able to handle the everyday responsibilities of child rearing Successfully complete pre-service training Read More

Relative and Kinship Care

Many times when a child's biological parents are unable to provide appropriate care for them, a relative (someone with a relationship through blood or marriage to the child) or kin (someone with a significant prior relationship with the child) will become the placement of choice for that child. Relative/kinship families are required to meet some of the same training and licensing standards as other foster families.Read More

Special Needs

MBCH Children and Family Ministries is committed to finding families for children who need care outside their own homes. Children now entering out-of-home care need special help and understanding because they may have experienced the pain of physical abuse, sexual abuse and/or neglect. Read More

State Custody Adoption

When a child cannot be placed with their biological parents or a relative, adoptive parents are needed for the child to have a legally permanent home. Adoptive parents assume all responsibility for the child as if he/she was born to them. Read More